Hodges Rent All
Locally Owned and Operated Since 1950


Our Story


     When Howard Hodges was 14 years old he had saved up enough money, from working at his father's gas station, to buy three bicycles, one new and two used.  He set the bikes against the side of the gas station with a "For Rent" sign.  During WWII, many people didn't have bikes of their own, but for $0.25 an hour, Howard was able to share the joy of the wind in your hair, to anyone able to pay.  Neighborhood children, and GI's with their gals, would rent a bike for a trip around town or even down 17-Mile Drive.  To accommodate the growing demand, Howard gradually built up a fleet of 32 bicycles and consistently had a line of customers.

     In 1944, when Howard was drafted, his father maintained the business.  When his service ended two years later, Howard was discharged and returned home to discover his business had been bowled over by someone renting newer, and faster, motor scooters.  Rather than feel discouraged, Howard learned that if you had the right item, the customers would come.  He began building up his inventory and included everything from building equipment to party gear.  By 1957, he was able to build his first store at the corner of McClellan and Foam and in 1986, he opened up the Lighthouse Ave location. 

     Today, Howard's sons operate the business with Hal at the Equipment Rental store on Foam street and Steve at the Party & Events store on Lighthouse Avenue.
Our Story